About Me

Myself; I’m a successful Discretionary Trader with 14 years plus of trading experience under my belt, but most recently I’ve been Managing Risk at the ApiaryFund.com. Using their proprietary platform Alveo.

 While today I am thankful for the advances in technology which have allowed me the freedom to continue to pursue my art from even the most remote locations – much like Jasper National Park.  I am confident  you too will find the Training and thus the links to the battle tested tools  provided here to be most invaluable and worthy of your own review and personal adaptations in your own trading;  I will also bring forth via my personal experiences some ideas that you can use for generating Loads of Passive Income for yourself and your family with Incredible growth potential using mostly the tools offered by the partners found throughout this site with just a little time and some seed capital; the sky is the limit.

JasperForex.com was purposefully built to introduce and share;

Profitable Trading SIGNALS and Trading Education

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