About Me

Myself;  A successful Associate Trader with more then 16 years of trading experience under my belt.

I am the Founder & Head Trader of JasperForex and most recently, I ran fully funded proprietary trading accounts at both  Traders4Traders (a Private Equity fund) and for the Apiary Fund (a Family Office fund) using their home-built proprietary FOREX platform appropriately named; Alveo. 

I am NOT a CMT, CTA, CFA nor am I a Fiduciary of any kind for that matter, I am however another regular guy who figured out trading  for income with persistence and some inspiration from my dad as well as some help from a couple of  high ranking 7 figure traders, themselves mentors and coaches. 

Having started investing in 1990 using my then employer’s (IBM) Employee Stock Purchase plan, I soon started actively trading thereafter in 2005 – I am now sending the proverbial elevator back down, in a manner of speaking, by providing VERY affordable one on one mentorship myself to other aspiring traders.  Always using the best broker and platform(s).

Some of you may already know that back in 2016-17  I was interviewed for a Podcast by Etienne Crete and his show “Desire to Trade” I’m episode #68 –  then a few months later Dale Pinkert (a 40 year trading veteran) interviewed me for his Live Podcast “Forex Analytix.





While today I am thankful for the advances in technology which have allowed me the freedom to continue to pursue my art from even the most remote locations in the Canadian Rockies- such as Jasper National Park

Here’s an example of a tiny account churning some low risk profits;

I am very confident  you too will find the links to the battle tested tools and the one on one training I provide to be the most invaluable and worthy of your personal review and adaptations for your own trading.

JasperForex.com was purposefully built to introduce you to;

Live FX Trading Signals during our One on One Trading Education.

Using only the best broker for the job, you too could achieve results such as these….

From FINRA; Discretionary trading in your account is allowed only if you have authorized a broker to do so in writing and the brokers’s firm has approved it. If you want to grant a broker authorization to trade on your behalf, make sure you think through the risks involved in allowing someone to make decisions about your money. For example, are you comfortable having a broker make a sale or purchase of a stock or bond, or other securities investment, without consulting you first and explaining the rationale for doing so?