Come join me (us) at our new hang-out

 I’ve created a finance eccentric hangout for CRYPTO/FOREX/STOCKS traders of all size and experience levels, come join me here at ECHOFIN and start  your free profile.  You may then go ahead and utilize 100% of  the built-in tools and  widgets for free and for-ever. I also welcome you to exchange and share your charts and or thoughts with the other profitable traders in our Syndicate where you can get insights or provide feedback both in a risk free environment.

 Profitable and Educational Trading Signals are provided as a service sold separately to those traders who ask.

 You can also use this opportunity to obtain  affordable mentorship if you so seek.  The Mentorship is provided on a One-on-One basis by the Head-Trader of  JasperForex himself – SPACE is LIMITED – submit your inquiries at