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Are You In Need Of Trading Capital?

Are you in need of  Trading Capital?  If you already know how to trade but are looking for and  still  need REAL Trading Capital in order to rapidly grow your operation, then look no […]

Come join me (us) at our new hang-out

  I’ve created a finance eccentric hangout for CRYPTO/FOREX/STOCKS traders of all size and experience levels, come join me here at the  JasperForex syndicate.  You may then go ahead and utilize 100% of  […]

Ready for next weeks’ open.

Ill be back in Jasper over the weekend and will continue sending the many confirmations for the signal services you have applied for… check your inboxes before the market open on sunday.

Get Paid to Meet and Exceed

  One firm prides itself for paying its Traders on time – Every Time!   If you can Prove your Worth in Pips you can get paid in Dollars on a monthly basis from the […]

Always Worth A Look

Click Here! Very Practical Resource Even for the non Canadians that are willing to invest.

Perseverance pays off

Never give up – one day someone will recognize the shine and find you – a diamond in the rough.  A little confidence (seed money) goes a long way…Like 3 months of profits.

Trading on the run

In this case, not too long ago – I ran my ALVEO ™ trading platform from on a VPS to keep the Latency and Delays at bay while  I let my trusty Microsoft Remote […]

Some Excel always helps.

Always keeping track of some basic measures is rule #1 – This is a 1/4 screenshot of my overall dashboard – I created it using Excel and a lot of input from my […]