Time and Time again

     A Trader MUST KNOW TIME!

Years and years ago – no one told me anything about using a forex market ‘clock’ – I learned to trade stocks during the US session (EST) all on my own, that’s probably because I live in North America (MST), and that made sense to me. I still had a job and was buying and selling and tracking my employer’s stock on the big exchanges – like other small fish in a large pond –  It was still simple to incorporate into a routine; and easy to live a life around, using the Employee SHARE Purchase Plan made it even easier to do.


Then – somewhere in a chat room I was participating in at the time – a heated debate over  ‘which was the best trading session to trade’  started to boil over  and captured my attention on various levels – Time Zones – Global – Opportunities –  best available time to trade was one issue i NOW needed to solve for myself for selfish reasons – Enter FOREX – Trading opportunities available 24 hours  a day – Forex Markets being open 24/5 is a huge bonus for all traders  looking for volatility or a lack thereof as well as where and when to find it – all provided they know the difference and can make use of it.

Then while looking for an appropriate forex market clock i could readily purchase online with the features i wanted – all clocks which I could purchase would  be hang on the wall  models near my tradestation – BUT – I remember at the time  thinking to myself most were cheezy and some near useless or simply too  ‘mickey mousey’  until;

I came across this particular clock ONLINE for FREE;  although, then it was rebranded under a different name , I still; with only one look,  immediatly saw its usefulness – check it out for yourself here    HERE  That’s not all; they also have the same awesome clock available as a FREE APP for both Android and Fruit.

They have also devised this great tool to help any newer traders find their perfect time to trade in their ‘OWN’ time zone. – – you can try that specific tool HERE

Make sure to read their entire site as it revolves only around this clock and it’s instructions and the proper use – review everything BEFORE attempting to decipher the clock and all it’s awesome secrets…

Trade hard!