“Reviewing the markets together with his mentor, while using a strict routine which include risk management, a trading strategy, its constant debriefing and applied discipline, soon the trader begins to develop the trading skills necessary for his long term success.”

Working one-on-one with a mentor is a crucial component in the evolution of a trader’s professional skills.  As a trader progresses through the learning curve, one is constantly subjected to evaluation and constructive criticism by instructors.  Mentors compel their respective pupils to evaluate failure on a trade-by-trade basis so they can apply lessons learned to achieve long term profitability. 

Using a team approach for some, and/or  one-on-one with others, I teach traders how to deal with both their profits and their losses using an impartial eye and from the perspective of their own emotions.  Touching on both fear and greed together we build a personalized winning strategy within a working plan which makes up a full playbook – made just for you.   Knowing how to both identify and control these emotional responses will give any knowledgeable trader the ability to execute their strategy at the most desirable time, maximizing profitability – ultimately without a mentor. 

It’s only through persistence, education and experience, that success derived from failure be inevitable.